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Support & Guidance



Metal Band, modern metal, metalcore, numetal, hardcore, deathcore, musikstudio, mixing mastering

We accompany you from recording to release. 

No matter if you record your tracks at home or go into a studio, we will help and guide you to get the best possible quality. 

To get your music out there, we will support you with socialmedia advice for your brand and your releases.

(Included with all our Mixing services)

Let´s make your songs

sound energetic, upfront and massive!

Mixing is the most important step to transform your recorded tracks into a high quality production.

In a Live-Mixing-Session you can tune in from everywhere and get involved in the creation of your sound.  

We take your sound to the next  level. 

Clear and wide sounding masters for a commercial volume level are our dedication.

Your songs will sound powerful and transparent on all common audio systems.

We will use a combination of analogue and digital high-end hard-and software.

Metal Band, modern metal, metalcore, numetal, hardcore, deathcore, musikstudio, mixing mastering
Metal Band, modern metal, metalcore, numetal, hardcore, deathcore, musikstudio, mixing mastering




mixing engineer, mastering engineer, audio engineer, producer in front of mixing desk, in studio, in metalstudio, modern metal production, professional metal mixing, mixing studio, mastering studio, analog gear

There is a person behind every idea, every note,  every composition and every project.

Music is intimate. Thus I think it's good to know with whom you share, create and implement your visions.

I startet as a guitarist, became a musician and continued as an mixing & mastering engineer specialized in metal.

Ever since I can remember, I've been fascinated by all the different emotions modern metal can trigger within myself.

Mixing metal is my passion. Nothing satisfies me more than creating the heaviest modern metal sound and help bands to achieve their goals. This is exactly why I founded this studio.

About me
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Sebastian E.

We never imagined such a massive and professional sound for our songs. Working with Michael was super easy and he always gave us a hand when we had questions with anything. The live session mixing was phenomenal and really made the revision process super smooth and easy. Our go to mixing and master engineer. Thank you!!!


Ray R.

Michael Seifert delivered a FANTASTIC mixed and mastered track for Vigilandia, and we couldn't be happier with it! He does great work, and is easy to communicate with and is super friendly! I HIGHLY recommend Michael to anyone in the heavy music industry for your audio engineering needs!


Wolfgang K.

Sehr professionelle Arbeit. Toller und menschlicher Kundenservice. Michael nimmt sich wirklich Zeit, um ein perfektes Ergebnis abzuliefern. Schnelle Abwicklung. Einfach Top und eine klare Empfehlung!

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